Santa Fe Pro Musica is a nationally recognized musical organization that remains steeped in its commitment to community. Founded in1980 by Thomas O’Connor (Music Director and Conductor) and Carol Redman (Education and Associate Artistic Director), Santa Fe Pro Musica has consistently expanded its repertoire, its audience, and its reputation. Offering a variety of programs and ensembles in several historic Santa Fe venues, Pro Musica invites you to savor music in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Santa Fe Pro Musica presents a selection of music from the last four centuries, including works for chamber orchestra, chamber ensemble, and large-scale oratorios. The annual Baroque Christmas concerts—always sold out—are so popular that visitors from all over the world include them in their Santa Fe holiday plans.

Santa Fe Pro Musica is proud to present the next generation of solo artists such as this season’s Conrad Tao and last season’s Chad Hoopes and Jan Lisiecki, while also bringing well-established solo artists such as Colin Jacobsen, Jennifer Koh, Yo-Yo Ma, Lang Lang and Ian Bostridge to Santa Fe.

St Francis Orchestra 2


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